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W6/D2 Dumbbell HIIT + Finisher

4.9|40 min|63 comments
Today's workout is a 30 minute dumbbell HIIT workout, followed by a 10 minute finisher.


Julie 1w ago
Great workout! I like that format-slow, fast, all out! And the finisher was a nice boost at the end.
Ben 2w ago
Wow. That was tough!!
Denise 6mo ago
Awesome! Thank you for the excellent content! I love the tempo format! First 15 sec to get acclimated to the movement and/or find balance for single sided moves. 2nd 15 sec of fluid movement and then final 15 sec to push. And because it was in 15 sec bursts, the all out portions were exciting, not dreadful lol.
Dineska 7mo ago
Whew chile! This was a little tough after the holidays! Great workout though!🎊
Donna 9mo ago
Oh my damn. Rough. Thank you.

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