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W4/D1 Lower body

4.9|35 min|70 comments
Circuit 1 4 x 12 Sumo squat + pulse 4 x 10 ea. Single leg RDL + tuck 4 x 30 sec. Wall sit Circuit 2 4 x 12 Stiff leg deadlift 4 x 16 Alternating side lunge 4 x 30 sec. Marching glute bridge Circuit 3 3 x 12 V-up 3 x 12 Garhammer raise 3 x 30 sec. Boat pose hold


Julie 3w ago
Killer abs
Meghan 1mo ago
That was an ab buster for real!
Matt 1mo ago
That ab workout kicked my butt!
Chriddy 4mo ago
That ab circuit kiilled my core
Petra 4mo ago
The abs circuit was murder!!!!

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