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/Level Up Program

W4/D3 Upper body

4.9|35 min|68 comments
Circuit 1 4 x 12 Alternating Arnold press 4 x 16 Alternating supinated grip row 4 x 10 Dumbbell sit up press Circuit 2 4 x 20 21's curls 4 x 12 Dumbbell reverse fly 4 x 30 sec. Shoulder press hold Circuit 3 3 x 16 Alternating chest press to toe touch 3 x 12 Skull crusher jackknife 3 x 30 sec. Loaded hold the world


Josette 1mo ago
B R U T A L but awesome!
Matt 1mo ago
Those 21’s were tough! Definitely add that one to the mix
Petra 4mo ago
My abs need a lot of work 😂
Petra 4mo ago
The abs circuit was hard!!
Nita 7mo ago
Gonna use this more frequently.

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