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Day 7 MomCORE: Rest Day

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Use this day to take what you need! **be sure to watch my “check in” video** ... more


Shanna 4d ago
I definitely feel a difference in everyday tasks. My core fires when I bend down to do daily chores, instead of putting all the pressure on my back.
Joanna 6d ago
I am 15days in the program. I love it. I think I can easily relax my pelvic floor now. It was so tight!!! I keep reminding myself many times during the day. My breathing needs more practice though. Sometimes it's hard to even read a book to my kids!! Singing is harder. I would love to hear your feedback on this. I am so happy I found this program 😊😊
Krystle 12d ago
I’m so proud of myself for finishing my first week! I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy finding time with a crazy 22 month old, but I’m ready to continue. I haven’t noticed anything yet, but hope I do soon. I love the program, it’s just enough to handle!
Paula 15d ago
I’m really enjoying MomCore so far! I love your workouts, your thoughts and explanations! 🙏🏻
Jillian 18d ago
Love that I can do this on my own time and the biggest difference I’ve been seeing is my sleep is so much better. Feeling more refreshed in the morning.

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