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Day 2 MomCORE

4.9|30 min|54 comments
Abs & Core
Pre/post natal
Resistance Bands
Equipment: wall, towel, small inflated ball, loop band


Laura 2h ago
Day 2 in the books! The calm I feel after these work outs is making all the difference and keeps me coming back!
Sarah 1d ago
I realized I’m belly pooching! Gotta work on that! Great work out though for the core 💪🏼
Laura 6d ago
I’m finding it really hard to engage the right muscles and do all the parts of the breathing. I don’t think I’m going it right, but at least I’m trying!
Amanda 10d ago
This is sadly my third postpartum rehab type program I’ve signed up for, but happily my first that I felt my TAs fire up for! Today was more challenging but it was nice to feel like I actually took a step toward healing ❤️
Kathleen 13d ago
I feel like some of the demos move a little too fast and I am needing more time to get setup in positions I’m unfamiliar with.

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