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Unlimited access to all platform content
Your tissue work video was the only thing that could get me comfortable touching my scar
Aside from going to a pelvic floor physical therapist, this is the most thorough, accurate, postpartum source of information I have found!
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Pre/Postnatal Trainer, C-section Mom

I have been certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2014, and am a Women Fitness specialist certified through NASM as well. I am also Pre/Post Natal fitness certified, and a Postpartum Core Exercise Specialist, as well as a pelvic floor exercise specialist, something I am so passionate about. I have trained women in private studios, led outdoor bootcamps, weight endurance cardio classes in gyms, in both California and Oklahoma! I obtained my Kinesiology degree in California, and continued to get my Business Management degree in Oklahoma. I have worked with big companies in the pre/postnatal field, coaching and assessing thousands of pre/postnatal women virtually. And now I'm here with my own app & programs to serve the mamas that resonate with my style of coaching. I had such a hard physical, mental and emotional recovery from my first experience with a c-section. It was an emergency situation and went completely the opposite of what I dreamed of my birth story looking like. I felt like a stranger in my body and I felt like my body had totally failed me. That experience is 1000% why I am in the field that I am now. Focusing on being the support, resource & shoulder for mamas, validating their feelings about their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience and restoring their faith in their bodies. I definitely found my purpose in my own mess of postpartum. Once you have a baby, you are postpartum forever and there is power in that. Because your body has done incredible things (like create & birth a human!)! You body is resilient, adaptable and is capable of more than you think. With me you will get safe and effective practices to strengthen your Mombod from the inside out, pains and undesired dysfunction! Ill help you get back to doing the things you loved to do, pre-baby. Like doing jumping jacks and sneezing without peeing!
My goal is to help mamas regain the confidence and strength to get back to their regular scheduled duties, workouts and life with a strong mind, core, pelvic floor that works! Motherhood is hard, physically and mentally. You do not need to live with peeing your pants, the “mommy belly”, back pain or FEAR of exercise. Mama, you can do it all and have a functional body to do it in. Learn how to breath effectively, lift efficiently, change habits & love yourself a little more along the way.
Training Requirements
Equipment needed: Dumbbells light set 3-5lbs Heavy set 8-10lbs Loop resistance bands Long resistance bands Swiss Ball / Exercise Ball Small Pilates Ball or Childens ball Yoga mat or soft surface Yoga block or Rolled Towel Additional Fantastic Home Fitness Equipment Stepper Box or substitute for a chair Kettlebell Trx bands Bosu ball
I have almost 10 years in the fitness industry not including my time as a competitive gymnast. I hold Kinesiology & Business degrees, NASM Certified Trainer since 2014, Womens Fitness Specialist, Pre/Post Natal certified, Core and Pelvic floor Corrective Exercise Specialist, other pelvis related certifications and I am a Certified Gymnastics coach! I have trained other coaches and coached /assessed thousands of womens postural imbalances and breathing patterns!
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What is the MomCORE Program like?
This is the whole body restorative program with low impact core/pelvic floor focused workouts, functional movement, posture, and cardio workouts that I created for anyone that has been pregnant/delivered a baby OR is experiencing core and pelvic floor dysfunction.
I'm a beginner, newly postpartum, or 10+ years postpartum, is MomCORE for me?
No matter where you are in your season of fitness or motherhood, my workouts and programs posted in my app are for any level of fitness. Plus, I walk you through all exercises with easy-to-follow videos. This means you’ll be able to do all the moves easily, accurately, and safely. **If you are newly postpartum (c-section included), you can begin when you are ready according to the ACOG! Listen to your body and special requests from your OB
Do I need Equipment?
Yes! You'll need equipment to get started! Bench (or chair/couch) Dumbbells 3-5 lb and 8- 10lb Loop resistance band Long resistance band with handles Pilates ball - 9in inflated ball
What is core and pelvic floor dysfunction?
→C-section apron, scar tingling, numbness, hypersensitivity →Lower belly pooch that you can't ditch, diastasis or "looking pregnant" →Painful intercourse (9 out 10 women experience this the first time they have sex post baby and many experience that pain 18months postpartum, that is NOT normal) →Leaking with coughing, sneezing, jumping, running, lifting →Slouched posture →Chronic lower back pain →Hypertonic (overactive) or Hypotonic (underachieve) pelvic floor →Trouble starting to pee, emptying bladder, constipation →Tailbone pain
I'm Pregnant, can I do the MomCORE Program?
Sure can!! There are so many benefits to exercise during pregnancy for you and your baby! Another thing to keep in mind is that each mamas fitness level and tolerance level is different. There really aren't hard rules for exercises that are off limits during pregnancy. Listen to your body, take breaks as needed, look for signs of intolerance like belly coning or doming, refrain from laying on your belly once it become uncomfortable! If you need more modifications during workouts, reach out to me and id be happy to help!
How much does the app cost?
You can join my app and community for FREE for the first 7 days. After that, you'll pay $14.99/month or $99.99/year. That breaks down to just $0.49 a day or $0.27 a day — less than your morning cup of coffee!
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