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About me

Pre/Postpartum & Functional Trainer, Mom

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My name is Jesse Truelove and I am the creator of Move with Truelove. MWT started as a womens cardio/weight endurance class, 5 years ago. Since having my daughter via c-section in 2018, Move with Truelove has become focused around prenatal and postpartum fitness. When I went into my labor, fully thinking I would have my baby naturally, as I had physically and mentally been training for this moment throughout my pregnancy, it unfortunately ended in an emergency c-section. My recovery was brutal and getting the all clear from my Dr. 8 weeks later left me with a body I didn’t recognize and honestly didn’t know how to move. I couldn’t walk, sit to go pee or get out of bed without help...for weeks. What I should have done in that first 8 weeks was never discussed with me. And being in the fitness industry for the past 6 years and an athlete all my life, I had never felt more lost. I felt like a beginner and a stranger in my own body. This gave me a new found respect for moms just trying to figure out how to get their bodies to function normal again. Core dysfunction, Pelvic dysfunction and rehab of the entire core unit was never discussed with me. My experience with my postpartum, along with the lack of support and information, grew a passion to become that support and resource for new moms and moms years after delivery. Once you have a baby, you are postpartum forever and there is power in that. Because your body has done incredible things (like create & birth a human!) and is still capable of more than you think. With me you will get safe and effective practices to strengthen your core from the inside out, help to heal your diastasis (ab separation) and your pelvic dysfunction. You’ll also get more intense workouts with me too, all while being conscious of your core & posture! Ill help you get back to doing the things you loved to do, pre-baby. Like doing jumping jacks and sneezing without peeing! Let’s get moving Mama! I’m so glad you’re here.


MWT’s goal is to help mamas regain the confidence and strength to get back to their regular scheduled duties, workouts and life with a strong mind, core, pelvic floor that works! Motherhood is hard, physically and mentally. You do not need to live with peeing your pants, the “mommy belly”, back pain or FEAR of exercise. Mama, you can do it all and have a functional body to do it in. Learn how to breath effectively, lift efficiently, have great posture & love yourself a little more along the way.

Training Requirements

Lots of my workouts won’t require equipment. But equipment that would be useful and needed for some workouts would be. Dumbbells light set 3-5lbs heavy set 8-10lbs Loop resistance bands Long resistance bands Swiss Ball / Exercise Ball Small Pilates Ball or Childens ball Yoga mat or soft surface Yoga block or Rolled Towel Additional Fantastic Home Fitness Equipment Stepper Box or substitute for a chair Kettlebell


Associates in Kinesiology, Bachelors in Business, NASM Certified Trainer since 2014, NASM Womens Fitness Specialist, Pre/Post Natal Fitness certified, Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist

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