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Day 16 MomCORE

5.0|30 min|18 comments
Yoga block, long resistance band, small inflated ball, wall, rolled towel


Sloane 1d ago
Carter 2d ago
Pain and suffering in the best way. How can body weight exercises be so hard? My toddler is imitating my moaning and groaning on the floor beside me. If that’s how I sound, I can’t imagine how it looks 😅. Thanks for the sweat bath today!
Lianna 15d ago
Loved this workout! Those child’s pose “y” raises were so hard for me as I basically have zero shoulder mobility 😅 great thing for me to be working on!
Lauren 15d ago
Thoracic pull w band in bird dog position- wow!
Madyson 15d ago
Only 16 days in and I'm already noticing better engagement with my core wanting to naturally fire up when doing workouts, also feeling much stronger in the areas that were weaker.

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