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Day 15 MomCORE

5.0|33 min|18 comments
Equipment: Bench (or chair/couch), loop band, small inflated ball, 1 dumbbell, yoga block Book a 1:1 with me! ... more


Carter 2d ago
How are you talking through this? I am deceased.
Alma 10d ago
Oh my goodness! I was not expecting this type of workout (but in a good way). I loved the change 💪
Valerie 12d ago
I think I died lol my legs feel like they’re rubber and I could not pick up pelvic floor while moving my legs. Pretty sure I looked like a fish out of water flopping my legs around because I couldn’t hold pelvic floor and do circles at the same time. But I feel accomplished haha
Kijah 12d ago
This one has me burning! Love it
Jenna 12d ago
That definitely worked my hips thighs and booty. I did realize I wasn’t doing a move right for a while 🤦🏼‍♀️ but when realized corrected it. I did feel like my pelvic floor wasn’t firing but it was. Just harder to see.

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