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Day 1 MomCORE

5.0|28 min|73 comments
Equipment Needed Loop band, block or ball to squeeze, wall access, (optional gliders for carpet)


Amanda 5d ago
I’m not sure everything was firing much in some of the positions, but it felt good to complete the whole thing and feel that this program isn’t going to overwhelm me or confuse me to the point that I give up on myself. I can see myself easily sticking to it and finally making progress which really makes me happy!
Desiree 8d ago
I keep finding myself a little discouraged by my 3 finger diastasis & weak pelvic floor but it’s SO ENCOURAGING to consistently hear you reminding that this isn’t going to change overnight and it’s ok if it doesn’t feel like its easy right off the bat.
Ashley 9d ago
I’ve got work today, I couldn’t feel so much of what we just did 🤣
Ashelley 11d ago
I’m so glad to have found this program. Ive been needing help and I’ve finally found it!
Steph 11d ago

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