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Day 3 MomCORE

5.0|28 min|27 comments
Equipment Needed Loop band, block or ball to squeeze, wall access, (optional gliders for carpet)


Shaina 10d ago
The “grab the floor with your heels and pull towards you” comment - wow! Game changer. I’ve done gluten bridges in my exercises for a while now and always struggled with form and lower back pain but that simple instruction changed everything! Super helpful. I don’t feel like im straining my back so much now.
Emily 11d ago
I love how supportive and excited she is the entire time. You can tell it’s a passion for her and she’s so encouraging.
Heather 15d ago
Loved it! The hip flexor air during micro bridges was super helpful!
Shanna 16d ago
I loved this workout. Time flies. I break a sweat with these movements but I feel so good afterwards, not exhausted. Thank you again Jesse
Kamielle 19d ago
Day #3 of MomCORE for me! Feeling like I'll get the hang of this breathing and engaging core thing soon. My resistance band bunches up immediately on my legs, is this normal? Lol

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