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My Spicy Gym Lower Body Workout

5.0|60 min|3 comments
This was my gym leg day workout from the other day. I used a lot of fun/different equipment. I’ll try to make substitution recommendations where possible! A. 3 Sets: A1. Smith Machine Split Squat x 12 Reps (each leg) *Rest 1 minute b/w sets Can sub with regular barbell/DB split squats B. 4 Sets: B1. Reverse Hack Squats 1 x 12 Reps 1 x 10 Reps 2 x 8 Reps *Increase weight each set *Rest 1 minute b/w sets (Sub with low bar back squat if needed) C. 3 Sets (superset): C1. Reverse Hyper x 15 Reps C2. Landmine Sumo Squat x 15 Reps *If you don't have a reverse hyper, can perform it on a bench, if you don’t have a landmine, use a dumbbell *Rest 1 minute b/w sets D. 3 Sets: D1. Leg Extensions 21's ( 7 reps bottom to half way + 7 reps halfway to full extended + 7 full leg extensions) *Rest 1 minute b/w sets E. 3 Sets: E1. 1 & 1/4 Abduction Machine x 10 Reps (Can sub with band) F. 3 Sets: F1. Standing Calf Raises x 12 Reps (Sub with barbell/DB if needed)


Isabella 12d ago
Jennifer 6mo ago
Loved how this hit the glutes and hamstring too!
Brandy 2y ago
Burn many burn♥️

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