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Chronic Pain: Gentle Flow for Low Back Pain All levels

4.7|30 min|22 comments
This is a 30 minute class for anyone who has low back pain or who just is looking for a gentle practice to help release the hip flexors and lumbar spine. Blocks and pillows may come in handy for this class!


Nadia • 4y ago
Thanks for that! I have torn my disc L3. I have been working with an Osteopath as part of my healing process, which he advised me to keep small gentle movements happening has the stillness increases the inflammation. And as I have a kidney disease I cannot take anti inflammatory. I’ve been doing some stuff myself but has also been helpful. Thank you!! 🙏🏻💕
Dana • 4y ago
Outstanding! Back feels great.
Stéphanie • 4y ago
Feels really good this morning :)
Rachel • 4y ago
I was sick in bed for a couple days and my lower back needed this today! Thanks Kerri!
Stephanie • 4y ago
Yes! This definitely helped low right back pain for me. I will be doing this regularly.

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