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Restorative/Fibromyalgia Less IS More All Levels

5.0|45 min|3 comments
This is an awesome 45 min class for anyone with Fibromyalgia or chronic inflammation. It is also great for a wonderful restorative flow that isn’t “easy” but also isn’t “hard”. You might want a bolster, pillow, or blocks for ... more


Bekah 4y ago
I didn’t have pain today, but I chose this class because I have had a lot of extra physical activity today and I knew this one was gentle and a slower pace. Thank you for offering such a variety of class options💚
Bekah 4y ago
Wonderful! I am so thankful for the restorative classes! They’re exactly what my body needs right now and they’re few and far between. I’m thrilled to have found a teacher who understands chronic pain/inflammation issues!
Janina 4y ago
This workout was really good. Gentle enough that I won’t regret it tomorrow but still some challenges in there. Definitely would love some more like this that were fibromyalgia-friendly for those of us who might be just starting to get the body moving in this way

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