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W1/D5 - Total Lower Body

5.0|60 min|9 comments
Lower Body
Bikini body
A. Warm Up x 2 Sets A1. Leg swings x 10/leg A2. Russian baby maker x 10 reps A3. Lunge with reach x 10 reps (5/side, alternating) A4. Banded (or bodyweight) good morning x 10 reps A5. Air squat x 10 reps B. 4 Sets B1. Trap bar deadlift (or sub with regular/sumo deadlift) 1 x 12 2 x 10 1 x 8 *Rest 60-90 seconds between sets. *Start at a moderate weight (~RPE 6) and then increase each set. Final set should feel heavy (RPE 8) C. 3 Sets C1. Hack squat x 10 reps *Rest 1 minute between sets *sub with landmine hack squats or barbell front squats if you don’t have this machine D. 3 Sets D1. Cable glute kickbacks x 12/leg *Rest 40 seconds between sets E. 4 Sets E1. Cable v-bar squat x 15 reps E2. Air squats x 15 reps *Rest 1 minute between sets F. 3 Sets -Bulgarian split squat F1. Goblet pause Bulgarian split squat x 10 (right) F2. Jumping Bulgarian split squat x 5 (right) F3. Goblet pause Bulgarian split squat x 10 (left) F4. Jumping Bulgarian split squat x 5 (left) *Rest 60-90 seconds between sets G. 3 Sets G1. Machine calf raises (any machine works or sub with smith machine if needed) 1 x 20 1 x 15 1 x 12 *Rest 40 seconds between sets


Diana 1y ago
Super excellent as always 👍👍👍
LANA 1y ago
Great! I loved this one!
Whitney 1y ago
Oh my! Not sure I'll be able to walk right tomorrow. This was such a good burn.
Yessica 1y ago
Dang I barely made it lol great leg killer
Kelly 1y ago
Fantastic workout!

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