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Running/Cardio 5.12.22

5.0|45 min|5 comments
Lower Body
This weeks cardio workout is mile or 8 minute repeats! If you go for distance you’ll do 4 miles total. And if you go for time, you’ll be actively running/cardio-ing for 30 minutes + recovery time. Be fully recovered in between your mile repeats. 1/2 mile or 4 minutes. easy pace warmup 3x1 mile or 8 minutes. As fast as you can. (Rest completely between miles/mins) 1/2 mile or 4 minutes. Easy pace cooldown. The goal is to make each one of your miles as fast as you can. Can you make each one faster? Can you do a PR pace the first set and then do it again two more times? Enjoy!


Katie 1y ago
Went for time instead of distance. Increased speed on repeats. Was hard. Really hard. The temp&humidity definitely played a role. Ready for cooler temps to see what the legs can do. Summer running is frustrating when you can't hit paces you want but I know the work now will make for a faster fall.
Cady 2y ago
Did for time and made it 4.15 miles 🙌🏼
Cady 2y ago
3 miles at solid race pace
Rachel 2y ago
After the first mile the toes on my left foot wouldn’t support landing during the run. Still can’t help wondering if it’s my form while running or if i need to do foot stretches? I get the same feeling during the step back of lunges. I’ve been running enough now, I don’t think it’s just novice running pains. Advice?
Taylor 2y ago
Did it right in an hour! PR: 1 mile in 8 mins. I haven’t run that fast since college!

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