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Running/Cardio 3.9.22

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This week is a 40 minute tempo run. Every 5 minutes for 35 minutes you’ll increase your pace so that your final 5 minutes (min. 30-35) are super mentally and physically challenging. You want to start your first 5 minutes at a gentle warmup or easy pace. This can be a light jog and definitely even a walk if you’re new! How quickly you increase your pace as you hit your 5 minute markers will be up to you. A starting suggesting is to increase your pace by 30-45 seconds. This may be too much or too little. Part of the fun for getting into running is the learning curve of pacing. Now If you can’t run for more than a few minutes, YOU CAN STILL DO THIS WORKOUT. Start your first 5 minutes with a walk, then a speed walk, then run what you can. When you hit a point where you can’t run anymore, a great way to STILL increase cardiovascular endurance is to find a fast walk and increase your incline. Walking uphill (especially at more than a 5% incline, I suggest starting there) will burn just as hard or harder as a running pace. Instead of increasing your speed every 5 minutes, you’ll increase your incline. If you’re on an eliptigo or bike, increase your resistance. Then from 35-40 minutes you’ll do your cool down. This can be a gentle walk, jog, or combo.


Katie 1mo ago
Set a 35 minute timer and increased speed .2mph at the end of every song instead of 5min. Was trying to not focus on time and just run - definitely worked!! Coming back to this soon and starting at a faster pace 😈
Katie 2mo ago
Still getting my legs back after a week at sea - had to go slow down but still nice and sweaty/got the heart going!
Katie 3mo ago
Love that there is a good variety of cardio workouts!! The mental fight at the end is my favorite part of this one!
Katie 6mo ago
Humbled. My cardio fitness is not what it was at the beginning of the year - my all out was definitely faster previously. Using this as a base to build on & come back to after some work. Was a good gage to set realistic goals moving fwd into the new year. I know what I'm capable of, going to get back to it!!
Katie 2y ago
Cut back week for 1/2 training. This was a great way to mix up the 3 miles I had today. Felt good, realized my easy pace may be a little too easy.

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