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Running/Cardio 3.2.22

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Athletic Performance
Start with the warmup of 4 minutes of walking/jogging/ easy tempo into 1 minute rest. Then you’ll go 5 rounds which is 30 total minutes, or for however long you have available, go through the following. 3 minutes at an easy pace (walking or jogging), right into 2 minutes at a medium pace, right into, 1 minute of a fast all out pace. There will be no rest as you will go straight from your minute of sprint into your “recovery” 3 minutes of easy pace. The easy pace IS your recovery/ active rest. After the 5th round you’ll get a true 1 minute rest into 4 minutes of cool down. This can be walking or an easy gentle pace. Pacing cues: Easy pace= you should be able to have a full blown conversation here. Your heart rate will be elevated, blood flowing, but it should feel comfortable. If you’re new to running, this can look like walking. If you’re intermediate this can look like a combo of walking and jogging. If you’re advanced this will be faster than your warmup pace, but not as fast as your tempo or pace you’d run for a goal time. Medium pace: you should be able to get a sentence or two out, but should be focused on breathing. Your medium pace should feel uncomfortable, but not red lining. Hard/fast pace: you should be able to get out a single word or two only. This is as close to red line as you can go for the time. So for this workout, the last 20 seconds of the workout should feel like a good challenge to finish.


Katie 1mo ago
FL humidity made this way harder than previous times, reminding myself that hard summer runs make for a faster fall.
Carina 2mo ago
Drenched in sweat 💦
Averee 1y ago
This pattern really took the monotony out of the workout and kept me in tune with my body’s effort. Thank you 😊
Marie 2y ago
Still tough
Rachel 2y ago
Where do the cardio workouts go after they move out of “Favorites“?! Can’t find them 😬

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