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Running/Cardio 4.6.22

5.0|55 min|11 comments
This workout is on the longer end. This should take about 45 minutes with rest time. But absolutely add more rest if you need to. You can also cut down on sets as well. If you’ve ever wanted to log a few miles, but hate doing it steady state, this is a great way to sneak in distance without feeling like you’re running forever. You’ll do the following for distance. See how far you can get within each set. The minutes get cut in half as you work through this run, but inversely the rounds double. 1x8mins 2 minute rest/recovery walk 2x4 mins 1 minute rest/recovery walk between 4x2 mins 1 minute rest/recovery walk between 8x1 minute 30 seconds rest/recovery walk between


Katie 1mo ago
☠️☠️☠️ Got 4×1min in before I had to call time. Definitely want to get all 8 next time - need to give myself the minutes to be able to. The 4min felt like forever! Worked up a sweat and feeling it!
Katie 3mo ago
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ So good!!
Katie 1y ago
Can I swear here? Is that allowed? Because &!^#&!*;@;$, that was hard! 🥵😂☠️ BUT I think I've been severely underestimating my cardio fitness level. I set the treadmill at paces I thought would be a challenge, and some felt too comfortable. I worked my way up where appropriate but still felt I may have been able to take it up a notch - and that's with tight legs after yesterday's lift. Definitely want to revisit this when properly hydrated and after a good stretch to see what the legs can do.
Cady 2y ago
Love this cardio workout!
Dani 2y ago
2×4min with 2 min rest 3×2min with 1:30 min rest 2×1min with 1 min rest No where near the full worklutbut continuing to make progress towards reaching those goals

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