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15 Min Core 7.2.22

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Favorite core exercises on a stability ball. We will be targeting the deepest core muscles as well as the outer and some secondary core muscles like adductors, glutes and hamstrings. If you want a balanced and strong core you want to work all the muscles of the core including the obliques which often get neglected. You can make this workout shorter if need be by reducing time or doing 10 reps or each exercise. Can be done by itself or at the end of a workout if you have time. Note: If you are newly postpartum, this isn’t a workout for you. If healing DR please monitor your coning or core engagement and modify accordingly! We want to challenge the core, some coning is ok/necessarily as long as it isn’t hard, sustained or painful. If you want more detailed info on healing the core pp, please check out my core guide. Link in insights!


Emily 1mo ago
Did the 10 reps and modified some and I’m dying on the floor. So good! 😂👏
Maggie 9mo ago
Perfect for an active recovery day 👍
Molly 1y ago
I hate core work and I love this workout.
Molly 1y ago
In 15 years of working out, I have never loved a core workout more than this one! Perfect intensity, duration and felt all the muscles.
Barbi 2y ago
I liked that one!

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