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Running/Cardio Workout 9.30.22

4.9|40 min|9 comments
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This should take about just shy of 40 minutes with rest time. But absolutely add more rest if you need to. You can also cut down on sets as well. If you have ever wanted to log a few miles, but hate doing it steady state, this is a great way to sneak in distance without feeling like you’re running forever. You’ll do the following for distance. See how far you can get within each set. The minutes get cut in half as you work through this run, but inversely the rounds double. 1x6 mins 2 minute rest/recovery walk 2x3 mins 1 minute rest/recovery walk between 4x 90 seconds 1 minute rest/recovery walk between 8x 30 seconds 30 seconds rest/recovery walk between


Beatrice 2mo ago
Katie 3mo ago
Omitted the 8(30s) for time, so I pushed harder on paces than I would have - spicy & loved it! Great way to break up treadmill miles and work speed.
Caroline 1y ago
One of my favorites. Those last 8 sprints really played with my mental ability to push past the hardest part.
Jaime 1y ago
Great workout to get miles in and keeping it interesting. Makes the time go by faster!
Kirsten 2y ago
Such a hood start to my morning🥰🥰 looking forward to try to get into running

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