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Running/Cardio 4.20.22

5.0|60 min|5 comments
This is a gut and mind buster of a workout, but there’s no greater feeling than finishing this! This run/cardio can be done by distance or by time. If you’re new to running I suggest going by time. Ideally this workout is done on a treadmill. Rest as needed. If you go for time, you’ll be running/walking for 40 minutes + rest time. If you’re going for distance you’ll go for 5 miles total. Half of those will be at incline, so a slower pace + rest time so plan accordingly! YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY MODIFY THIS WORKOUT. Walk when you need to, rest when you need to. You can also pick and choose the distances you want, or even put a time limit and see how far you get and then call it. Workout: 1 mile (or 8 minutes for speed) 1 mile (or 8 minutes at incline 5-8%) 3/4 mile ( or 6 minutes for speed) 3/4 mile (or 6 minutes at incline 5-8%) 1/2 mile (or 4 minutes for speed) 1/2 mile (or 4 minutes at incline 5-8%) 1/4 mile ( or 2 minutes for speed) 1/4 mile ( or 2 minutes at incline 5-8%)


Katie 1mo ago
Kicked my ass in the best way.
Katie 10mo ago
Tough is an understatement. Big mental game with this one. My booty will be sore tomorrow from the inclines.
Kirsten 2y ago
Took me just below an hour because I’m pretty new to running and I wanted to go for distance and wowwww that was a mental battle, but I loved it!
Taylor 2y ago
I only made it halfway in 40 minutes - guess I was running real slow 😂😂
Samantha 2y ago
Dead! Wow my legs are complete jello. Great run. Definitely had to push myself but listen to my body at the same time

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