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9 Minute Core Circuit 2021

4.9|10 min|3 comments
This is a 9 minute ab circuit that you can do anytime and anywhere! This core workout is a challenge! You do not need to do the full 3 rounds. Be sure to modify to meet your needs! There are 6 movements that you will do for each 30 seconds for 3 rounds. For the movements with 2 sides, you can choose to do 15 seconds per side, or you can do the full 30 seconds per side. Your choice. You can do more than 3 rounds or less than 3 rounds! All your choice! The movements are: Elevated Mountain Climbers Copenhagen Planks Hip Dip Side Crunch Tuck Kick Outs Flutter kicks Legs only inchworm


Molly 1mo ago
Wow. So hqrd
Carina 2mo ago
Always a nice finisher!
Katie 2y ago
Only got one round in this time due to time contraints, but this is definitely going on my favourites!

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