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Running/Cardio 3.30.22

5.0|30 min|13 comments
This is the most simple form of running. For some, this can be the HARDEST. It’s easy to break up a run mentally when there’s a break and change up in tempos, paces, and minutes. Things to distract your mind and little goals within the workout to make it go by quickly. 30 minutes can fly by in an interval or repeat run. 30 minute tempo/steady state is a different kind of hard. This is a mental challenge. Every now and then, it is so so good for you. Especially if you want to increase how far and how long you can go. This weeks cardio is a 30 minute easy/tempo run. No breaks, no change in effort. Just 30 minutes of slow, steady, consistent movement. Now some tips: - Do this outside if you can. There’s nothing longer than time on a treadmill with nothing (paces, speeds, minutes) to break the run up. But outside? Outside has a way of speeding time up. -Start slower than you think you should and stay slow. The purpose of an easy tempo run is to get your body used to moving for that long. You should be able to have a conversation the whole time. -Don’t think of this as a workout where you need to be “dead” at the end. You should feel refreshed. -Bring a friend along, a stroller, your dog. If you need to walk, walk! -Run 15 minutes one way and then turn around and run back. Easy way to ensure you go the full time is to give yourself no choice 😉


Katie 1mo ago
30 minutes on the bike! 10 minute full body circuit after.
Beatrice 2mo ago
Katie 1y ago
30 minutes steady. Focused on heart rate. Got really hard around the 20 minute mark but pushed and finished.
Sumaiya 1y ago
This was mentally challenging Longest 30mins ever!!!
Katie 2y ago
First run since my half, took it slow and easy. Feel really good!!

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