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Cardio/Running 4.27.22

5.0|40 min|7 comments
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This is a simple workout, but simple doesn’t mean easy! If you go for distance this workout is 3 miles. Two of those miles easy peasy, 1 mile broken up into sprints. If you go for time, 16 minutes easy, 8 minutes of all our effort. Remember: you can modify!! Rest as you need to, walk when you need to!


Katie 2mo ago
On a cardio kick again 🙃 love that I can find a good variety of workouts to do! Quick & effective - nice and sweaty!!
Katie 1y ago
Really enjoying playing with pacing on the sprints. Definitely noticing improvements already. Can't wait for the temps to drop and really REALLY push my all outs.
Sumaiya 1y ago
This was brutal for me.....never knew I could go at 6mph for 2mins 💪 felt so good! did all 4rounds...2.15m
Maggie 2y ago
Only did halfway because used it as a was a great burner. I haven't ran in awhile so I didn't exactly sprint, but I definitely picked up my speed. Here's to reigniting my love for running 🏃‍♀️
Brittany 2y ago
Surprisingly awesome! Hardest part was the cool down run. 1 mile E run. 6x(.15 W/.25 fast R). 1.45 mile E run cool down to get to 5 total. Then walk .3 home!

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