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W1/D4 total (upper emphasis)

5.0|31 min|6 comments
Full Body
Need: Dumbbells Mat Mini loop band The workout targets chest and back within a full body workout. Move with intention. Choose weights that are challenging but allow good form. Warm up Shin slice Lean back + ball squeeze Quadruped serratus Y lift Dolphin plank Squat + ball squeeze Overhead pop Workout Rdl to bent row Chest press Pullover Lat steps + sumo hold Chest fly Switch row Reverse cross raise Burn Cat row Pressback + knee drive Cool down Open book r/l lat stretch Round + W pull


Amy 16d ago
Loved the upper body emphasis during this workout! It felt great!
Tatum 1mo ago
I’ll definitely be returning to this one. Great arm workout! I have a bum shoulder and this exercise made it feel strong.
Liz 2mo ago
Love this! Would be helpful to know how many reps you’re doing for each exercise when it’s open when there’s 4 or more exercises in a set as it can get hard to remember how many of each and prevent having to go back and forth to check.
Amy 2mo ago
This was a great total body workout with upper emphasis! My upper body is tired 🤣
Alexis 2mo ago
Loved this one!

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