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W3/D5 Total body lower focus

5.0|32 min|5 comments
Lower Body
Full Body
Need: Dumbbells Mat Mini loop band It’s a good one, focus on moving with intention, using the muscles for control and getting all you can out of every rep! Challenge the weight within keeping good form, remember it’s ok to start heavier and have to drop! Find the sweet spot of challenging and doable! Let’s do this! Warmup Hip up to deep lunge r/l Banded clam hugs r/l Diagonal step up Squat band pull Workout Step back to curtsy r/l Side hinge to tacked front lunge r/l Banded step out squat Hip flexor plank Press over squat Hip flexor lift over + 90 hold Cool down Rockback + thoracic r/l Round + w open Wag the dog Eagle arm switch


Amy 1mo ago
I have been so busy today and on my feet a ton. This made my legs and glutes burn even more than they already were! What a great workout 💪🏼👏🏼
Tabby 2mo ago
It’s late night but got this one done. Great workout!
Julianne 3mo ago
That was awesome! Got me sweating!! 😅
Judit 3mo ago
This was awesome! 🙌🏻
Amy 3mo ago
This was an amazing lower body targeted total body workout! My legs were on fire during the single leg portion. The next circuit after that my core was on fire from the hip flexor planks. Such a well rounded workout! 💪🏼🔥

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