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W5/D6 Foundations + cardio

5.0|32 min|3 comments
Abs & Core
Need: Light weights Mat Pilates ball/kids ball/yoga block Foundations is today’s extended warm up! Drop in and really focus on getting a good mobility session here. Land lightly and move as quickly as good form allows for the cardio intervals. Foundations Inchworm deep squat + thoracic Clam tap hugs r/l Adductor bridge Adductor lift + ball roll right r/l Ball roll in r/l Superman ball lift Cardio Shuffle + jump squat Press over tap Burpee jack + curl Press jacks Tap back + reverse front raise Tap over hops Cool down Shoulder taps Cat to puppy Hip flexor + reach r/l Chest opener


Amy 2w ago
A perfect foundations and cardio workout to end the challenge!
Judit 2mo ago
Foundations combined with cardio is still my favourite! 🙂 It was so good to finish this week with it! ☺️
Amy 2mo ago
Wow, what an end to week 5!! Got to be honest- this week took it out of me. I’m ready for active rest next week 😅

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