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W5/D5 total body lower

5.0|32 min|4 comments
Lower Body
Full Body
Need: Dumbbells Mat Mini loop band Let’s get it done today! Total body with lots of legs + glutes, always fun! Focus on getting in good reps, use a weight that allows that but is also challenging! In the singles circuit go for 3 rounds or time out at 12 mins! Warm up Rolling lunge Squat + pivot punch Balance DL r/l Step back lunge + rotate Side plank opposite reach r/l Workout Low start lunge r/l Single weight racked squat r/l Man maker DL to squat jump Skate + rotate Burn Penguins Low squat step outs Cool down 90-90 lean + thoracic Side stretch + reach under r/l Wide leg QL Child’s breathing


Amy 2w ago
This was pretty challenging for me once again but a great challenge! I crushed it 💪🏼 proud of myself!
Judit 2mo ago
This was a great challenge! 🙌🏻
Amy 2mo ago
This was probably the most challenging total body workout in the entire challenge for me. It tested my limits! It was a great one though 💪🏼
Tabby 2mo ago
This one went by quickly. I can’t believe how fast this challenge is going. So fun!

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