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W12/D5 Glutes Targeted Workout

5.0|65 min|6 comments
️🎉️🎉️🎉 I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!! What a beast you are and I absolutely love your consistency! You have come so far, never stop giving this time to yourself❤️ After this program, it's crusial to keep on going. Keep one deload/... more


Tamara 4mo ago
🍑 on 🔥🔥🔥
Maria 4mo ago
Thanks for the great program! I loved it and the results I got from it are pretty amazing!
Heidi 1y ago
Jes! Done!
Ale 3y ago
Such a great program!! You are the best, I can't wait to start other of your programs in the app. Thanks for everything my dear, your are such an inspiration 😍
Megan 3y ago
Thank you for being my number 1 motivation the past 12 weeks!!! I LOVED the progress I made from your booty building gym program 😍🔥 definitely made some real results! Can't wait to tackle the next program 💪

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