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W3/D1 Glutes and Legs Volume Pump

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I'm so excited you are on week 3 and making them gains like a beast! Let's build muscle and strength to glutes and lower body with Volume Pump Workout. By increasing your weights workout by workout you make progress. Remember... more


Monini 1y ago
🍑🍑🍑♥️♥️♥️♥️ love it!!!!! 🥵
Rebecca 1y ago
Christian 1y ago
I have been eating at a deficit and working out consistently for six months and I’ve lost about 15 pounds but I still don’t see that much difference in my belly. Should I just keep going and be patient? Any advice would be great. Thanks Ida ❤️❤️🥰
Benjamin 1y ago
Had fun. Been a while but it was fun. Thank you Ida!!
Benaisha 1y ago
Loved it!! Thanks for the great workouts! I have a question about the A and B sets with single leg Romanian deadlift & bench kickback, should I do both exercises on one leg and then switch or do one exercise on both legs and then the other?

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W1/D1 Glutes and Legs Volume Pump