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W4/D3 Heavy Glutes and Legs

4.8|75 min|7 comments
YOU ARE STRONG! Next week you will enter the second 4 week period of this program and you will get a new routine! Last time doing this exact workout! Keep on killing it! Shorter sets means heavier weights as you know! In th... more


Elizabeth 4mo ago
I love this program so much!! It's designed for people who workout HARD and want to push themselves. You get results right away. My butt doubled in size in like 2 weeks. I can't wait to see the results in the end.
Benaisha 1y ago
Loved it as always!! Do any of these workouts work the inner thighs? I have fat there that I want to lose but I’m not sure which one to do more to lose it!
Camila 1y ago
I found this quit easy at first and than I started adding more weight, that’s when I couldn’t even walk the next day, All in all I like this combination
Jannika 1y ago
Kiitos Ida! Sun vinkit auttoi saamaan tuntumat glute bridgeen ja sumo maveen! Oot ihan paras 😍✨
Meri 1y ago
Huh mikä polte! On kyllä tehokas setti

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