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W6/D4 Upper Body | Back, Biceps & Triceps

4.9|45 min|10 comments
Warm up - High knees 30 sec - Mountain climbers 30 sec... more


Kat 4mo ago
Killer workout! My arms are shaking! I love it! ❤️
Henna 4mo ago
Really like the workout 🏋️‍♀️ I’m glad notice that my strength is increasing!
Ariadne 4mo ago
I am baaaaack again after three weeks or so.... So proud of myself achieving all my bodyweight dips for first time!!! That is the GREAT DIFFERENCE between your and other trainers... The strength I built with your program stays in my body, it doesn't fate even if I haven't workout for weeks... Thank you for being the amazing queen , thank you for sharing your journey on Instagram with us all and give us strength and will to be stronger 🙏🥰
Baylea 6mo ago
I use to be intimidated by upper body but now I’m starting to enjoy it 🙌🏻
Mel 7mo ago
Amazing! Arms are really feeling it, great way to start the week! 💪🏼 🔥

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