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W1/D1 Lower body | Quads & Glutes

4.8|40 min|189 comments
Warm up circuit: - Squats w/ resistance band 3 x 10 - Glute bridges w/ resistance band 3 x 10... more


Hannah 3d ago
So hard, so good!
Lisa 6d ago
A lot tough than I thought..brilliant workout
Ben 12d ago
Really great workout, it’s the basics but I’m really glad to not have to put thought into setting it up. Simple and modifiable. I’m looking forward to more. Also a lot more realistic to what a normal 9-5 person can do at home!
Jessica 13d ago
I expected this to be easy….and it wasn’t :) lots of sweat!!
Samantha 15d ago
It was tough. Defo felt the burn in my glutes in particular! Had to take it easy due to some injuries and I think I went too quick but feel great for doing it!

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