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W3/D4 Upper body | Back & Biceps

5.0|45 min|14 comments
Warm up circuit: - Star jump 4 x 30 seconds - Plank 4 x 30 seconds... more


Henna 3mo ago
At first i was thinking that i’m not gone do it. I feel’t very tired, but then i kick myself and do it 💪 your playlist give extra power that i needed!
Steph 3mo ago
I am really feeling that in my arms now I have increased the weight slightly and with the four sets! But feeling great! Thanks Georgina! ❤️
Kat 3mo ago
After a month long break due to over exhaustion and getting covid I was actually looking forward to getting back to this program. I always dread going back to workouts after a long break but I was amazed to see that my strength has not been lost!
Ivette 5mo ago
Those curls at the end 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Maggie 5mo ago
I took 3 days off, and of course felt pressure to get back to working out- and not for healthy reasons. I read some of Georgina’s insights about missing sessions, and it really put me at ease. Now I’m back on my streak, and doing it just to be healthy. Not to lose weight on my made up crazy timeline. Feeling pretty proud after this session! Taking a break made me come back even stronger! I upping my weights soon!

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