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W10/D3 | Lower Body | Hamstrings & Glutes

4.9|45 min|6 comments
Hamstrings and Glutes Warm up with RB... more


Baylea 4mo ago
Some personal struggles have kept me from working out the last couple of weeks. I’m excited to get back to my routine and finish this program!
Maggie 6mo ago
Gosh I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, and just wasn’t sure I could put in the effort to exercise this week. But I told myself something is better than nothing! This was so worth it for a mental healthy boost.
Toree 6mo ago
Excellent 💪💅
Abby 7mo ago
First time working out in 3 weeks since I was on vacation/sick. Took a lot to talk myself into doing it but absolutely no regrets!!
Liz 10mo ago
Didn’t think I’d have time today but LOVED this so much. Very happy to do it. Glutes & Hammies are singing 😂👍💪❤️

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