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Ankle Mobility + Stability!

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Your feet are the foundation to your house, when they are weak the can effect our entire gate leading to various injuries in the body. Working the intrinsic muscles of the foot and ankle not only can help prevent rolling an a... more


Sara 2mo ago
So helpful! My left ankle has been out of place for months and for the first time I don’t feel any “crunching” when I’m walking!
Taylor 5mo ago
That’s was incredible. So, so helpful. I’ve been needing to work on my ankles for a while and this was exhausting but great!
Una 7mo ago
Absolutely loved it! These stability exercises are incredibly useful!
Meleah 8mo ago
Amazing! My ankles were hurting after running so I immediately went searching for some Hannah advice and this was perfect!
Shannon 9mo ago
Some stretches and dynamic balance moves might be good to add too!

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