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Follow Along Stretching and Mobility

4.9|20 min|11 comments
Use this as a warmup, a cool down, or as a way to move your body when you just don't really feel like a workout. And then sidenote: the beauty of movement is that it pushes us out of our comfort zones. In this video I (Mich... more


Anna 10d ago
This is so helpful!! Such a good thing for my rest day!
Brittany 5mo ago
Loved Lucy’s appearance! And loved the movements in this video. Thank you for giving alternatives and explain why we are doing the stretches. Will defiantly do this again. You two are great!
Sarah 6mo ago
Definitely need to start adding stretching in on the weekends!! Much needed!
Danielle 10mo ago
I could barely walk from soreness coming into the gym, but this mobility exercise helped me SOOOO much! I feel like it’ll be much easier to take on my workout tomorrow! ♥️
Brittany 10mo ago
Can you and you sister do more mobility and stretching routines like this?

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