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Chest & Posture Help

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Great for Tightness in chest and upper back Great for rounder shoulders. ( hello breastfeeding mamas)... more


Tiffany 4mo ago
Who knew my upper back was so tight?! Going to start incorporating this regularly.
Candice 9mo ago
Oh my lord! This deserves more than 5 stars!!!!!!! By far the best for recovery especially after a lot of upper body work PP c section and feeding I cannot believe how tight I was I couldn’t even get elbows or hands to the ground ended up going past 5 mins and the mobility I gained (even though I still couldn’t get to the floor) I feel so relaxed and loose after this 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Kendra 10mo ago
For the it normal to feel like one side is doing all the work? I feel like my right side lower rib cage is filling with air the correct way and when I exhale I think it’s engaging properly, my leg side almost feels wobbly like it’s trying to keep up and lags behind if that makes sense 😅
Rachel 2y ago
I needed that so bad!
Sherise 2y ago
Loved it! Great stretch.

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