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Hannah BowerHannah Bower

Low Impact Strength and Mobility

4.9|25 min|8 comments
This is a wonderful low impact, strength building, and mobility focused workout. This would be great on a rest day, as active recovery, or at the very end of a workout. ... more


Ali 6mo ago
Nice active recovery day workout! I’m sore from AMRAP yesterday so this was much needed!
Cierra 1y ago
So good! Needed that kind of mobility work. Definitely going to be doing that regularly
Nicole 1y ago
I love a good mobility workout! More of this please! 🙌
Caitlin 1y ago
Amazing exactly what I needed. I've been going through postpartum so this is the best way to get back onto working out. Thank you
Markie 1y ago
Nice change of pace with this today. I like the challenge but also the amount of knowledge that you share. Always something to learn!

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