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Thoracic Mobility

4.9|5 min|13 comments
This is one of my go to exercises for tightness in my upper back! Who is this great for?... more


Ashley 7mo ago
Very needed right now. I'm finding it hard to progress with strength training because my mobility is lacking. I've noticed an improvement this week after committing last week to mobility and stability. Its about the journey, not the destination, right?
Katie 2y ago
After breastfeeding for 6 months, this thoracic mobility was amazing! Right between my shoulder blades has been my point of the most pain and the cat/cow variation really helped to stretch those areas!
Taylor 2y ago
Always a great stretch for my back!
Sherise 2y ago
Yay! So good!
Jenna 2y ago
2nd time moving through these exercises and I’ve already noticed a big difference. 🤩

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