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Leg Day Warmup

5.0|10 min|7 comments
This is a great warmup for a leg day workout. All these movements are dynamic and meant to spike your heart rate, kickstart a sweat, and get the blood flowing so that you can crush your leg day workout!


Rhiannon 7mo ago
Favorite leg warm up now
Rhiannon 7mo ago
I actually did the deadlifts with my leg not touching the ground this time. Yay for balance!
Rhiannon 8mo ago
My knees are not feeling it today. Had to cut out the jump on the gate swings after half way through the second round. Great warm up though.
Rhiannon 9mo ago
Really hard warm up for me haha but I got through all of this one with only cutting the last move short by 15sec. Onto the workout 🏋️‍♀️
Fatemah 9mo ago
Great warmup!! About to get into Get Stronger 3.0 Day1!!

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