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Lower Body Mobility

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Lower body feeling tight? A little sore? A little beat up? This mobility sequence is for you. I would recommend doing these after a workout. ... more


Candice 3mo ago
Haven’t moved in a month due to rotated c1 and c3 vertibre, all on the mend and was just what I needed for mobility and blood flow
Rhiannon 7mo ago
Quads burned today on the quad stretch. Feeling some pretty bad sciatic the past few days, so hopefully this mobility helps.
Patricia 8mo ago
I did this before Day 1 of Healthy Mama Healthy Baby W6. Ready to workout for the first time this week 💪🏼. It's been a struggle but I've given myself enough grace. Today discipline kicks in.
Rhiannon 9mo ago
Doing this mobility routine after a leg workout literally saves my life. My fibromyalgia doesn’t flare up nearly as bad if I hadn’t stretched. So thankful!
Rhiannon 9mo ago
Great post leg day stretch. So sore already and so hungry!!! On my way to get some protein and water 🥩🚰

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