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W5/D6 Running

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Clara 23d ago
I just ran my first 10k/6.2 miles. It was amazing. I only went out to run 3 miles a d did that a d felt like I could keep going. I never thought I could do something like this.
Sienna 1mo ago
I just ran six miles without stopping. SIX!! I honestly can’t believe I was able to complete this challenge but I am SO proud of myself for it. This challenge has given me so much more confidence in myself not just physically, but mentally! We did it guys!! 😄🎉
Xiomara 1mo ago
10KM COMPLETED 🏃‍♀️ We did it everyone 🔥 What a rush of energy!
Betta 1mo ago
pushed myself to do the full 10k, at the beginning of the month definitely wouldn’t of thought I could do it 💪😮‍💨
Ruth 1mo ago
Great!! First ever 6.2miles! :) feeling really proud of myself!

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