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W4/D6 Run a 10K - Running

5.0|45 min|7 comments
Running Warm-Up: Hurdler Stretch Butterfly Stretch Leg Swings (Front To Back) Leg Swings (Side To Side) Run


Jaime 2y ago
Another run in the books! Happy to be one day closer to 10k!
Ruth 2y ago
First run in the rain! I was super intimidated but it ended up being so beautiful and foggy.
Xiomara 2y ago
Finalizing week 4 and getting to the last week of the challenge! Super hyped 🏃‍♀️ Let's go!!!
Sienna 2y ago
Today was the second time that I have ran during the day, and for the first time in a week I couldn’t go the whole way without stopping. I now realize it’s because I’m used to running in the cold, so whenever I run during the day my body overheats and i do worse! Glad I realized that before this last week starts 😅
Sarah 2y ago
Loved the post-run high! ✨ gotta remember that feeling when I’m feeling a little unmotivated to get up and run🤍

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