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W5/D2 Run a 10K - Running

5.0|60 min|9 comments
Running Warm-Up: Hurdler Stretch Butterfly Stretch Leg Swings (Front To Back) Leg Swings (Side To Side) Run


Pamela 7mo ago
I like this framework; it allows me to fiddle with it depending on what I think my body needs. Today it was .5mi jog warm up, 4mi w/.5mi fast, .5mi recovery, .5mi cool down.
Jaime 2y ago
Ran this yesterday and it felt great! Probably the best and most confident I’ve felt during a run so far!
Xiomara 2y ago
Tiring run with the sun up in the sky but exciting to be in the last week. A little later than never is better. 🤭
Sienna 2y ago
It was absolutely POURING down rain during my run tonight and since I’ve never had to run so far in rain before it was quite daunting. But instead of giving up or deciding to run inside, all I could think was “Challenge Accepted!” 😎😂
Klaira 2y ago
Pushed through and finished the 4 miles!

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