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W5/D3 Run a 10K - Bodyweight Strength

5.0|45 min|7 comments
Curtsy Lunge Hollow Rock Squat Jumps Plank Front Shoulder Raise Reverse Crunches Narrow Tricep Push Up


Jaime 2y ago
It feels so great to compare where I was when I started vs where I am now and see my progress! It hasn’t been easy but I’m proud of myself for sticking with it!
Xiomara 2y ago
I was feeling so lazy today but I woke up and started the workout against my will. Only 3 workouts to go!! 💪
Sienna 2y ago
I always feel so much more awake both physically and mentally after these workouts! They are not so short that I feel like I hardly worked out, but they are also not so long that I feel exhausted afterwards 😅
Sarah 2y ago
Omg! I think I can raise my hips a bit more off the ground in the reverse crunches!! 🔥🔥🔥 I’m excited haha let’s go everyone! 🥹✨
Klaira 2y ago
The plank arm raises really engaged my core

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