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W2/D6 Run a 10K - Running

4.9|45 min|15 comments
Running Warm-Up: Hurdler Stretch Butterfly Stretch Leg Swings (Front To Back) Leg Swings (Side To Side) Run


MC 2y ago
Working my way through some sciatic nerve pain, but not giving up! Officially signed up for a race on Nov. 5. Listening to my body but also trying to push myself is a difficult balance!
Jaime 2y ago
I’ve never run 3 miles without stopping in my life, so today felt really amazing! So excited to be around halfway to a 10k now!
Komal 2y ago
Late update! I finished this one on Sunday night. Just in time to finish the week #2. Feels so good to be able to run 3 miles. Like how? Wow, can’t believe it! Ready to take down week 3. We got this team!! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️
Chloe 2y ago
I may be late, but I'm so proud of myself today!! I ran the full 3 miles without stopping! 💕🏃‍♀️ During most of the runs this week, I've been trying to work on speed instead of endurance. No wonder I was finding myself all fatigued and out of breath! So today, I did what I should've done the whole time (Lol- 🤦‍♀️), and ran at a steady pace in order to make the full 3 miles without walking! And it worked!! What a way to end the week! ✨️
Risa 2y ago
I was struggling during this one! But glad to have pulled through.

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