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W2/D5 Run a 10K - Active Recovery

5.0|45 min|13 comments
Dead Bugs Bird Dog Butterfly Stretch Calf Wall Stretch Cobra Couch Stretch


Jaime 2y ago
This was a great recovery to follow up yesterday’s run! I love that active recovery is built into the program and is just as important as the running and body weight training.
Xiomara 2y ago
Late night stretches before going to sleep are the best 👌 W-2 D-5 done 💜
Risa 2y ago
This was much needed after yesterday’s run! The calf stretches were amazing. I felt my form was better than last week, so it was nice to see progress in that way. Great job everybody! 💃🏽
Vince 2y ago
Those calf stretches saved me after dragging my feet from yesterday. Thank you, Michelle, for showing us these stretches. They help a lot with every area of the lower body.
Alese 2y ago
recovery day, best day 🥳

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