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W3/D3 Run a 10K - Bodyweight Strength

5.0|45 min|9 comments
Curtsy Lunge Hollow Rock Squat Jumps Plank Front Shoulder Raise Reverse Crunches Narrow Tricep Push Up


Vince 2y ago
You know, performing this workout was like the one time I learned how to play the violin for the first time. Exhausting as hell, but this time it gave me bulk rather than an instrument collecting dust. This workout definitely felt like a Week 3 workout for how intense it was with the squat jumps!
Brianna 2y ago
Had to modify jump squats and lunges due to injured legs but it felt great to be getting back into it again!
Sienna 2y ago
The triceps push-ups are still one of my favorite exercises (though also one of the most difficult)! Also my arms and legs feel stronger than last time!
Risa 2y ago
This was really great after having to miss a few days! 🔥
Xiomara 2y ago
Killing workout! I struggle the most with push ups so I hope to keep improving with this challenge 💪 everyone let's go!!

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