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W2/D2 Running

4.8|45 min|20 comments
Running Warm-Up: Hurdler Stretch Butterfly Stretch... more


Jaime 2mo ago
It felt so good being able to run 1.5 miles without stopping! 6.2 still feels pretty far off but with each day I’m getting more confident that I can do it.
Camille 2mo ago
Running 1.5 miles has started to become a hit or miss with me. It either feels really good or it’s lowkey a struggle! I’m gonna start running outdoors because staring at the numbers on the treadmill is killing me🥵
Teddie 2mo ago
The first time I ran this distance I had an 8:10 km. This time I had a 6:10 km!! What! Serious improvements already.
Xiomara 2mo ago
2.5 KM done for today and ready for tomorrow's workout 🙆‍♀️
Katelyn 2mo ago

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